Lorenzo Branca | Artist. Musician. Teacher.

Lorenzo shares his artistic talents and guides his students as an old Master would from his home studio.  If you would like more info about setting up private or semi-private are lessons, kindly email inquires to info@LorenzoBranca.com.


Ariel Mixon  20 x 30 Watercolor

Mackenzie Reillo  16 x 20 Acrylic

Mackenzie Perillo


Paintings by Ariel Mixon

Pallette Knife Acrylic  18" x 24"

18" x 24" Acrylic by Ariel Mixon

Charcoal by Ariel Mixon

 Elyshia Schroeder

Eileen Robinson and Eileen Peacock                                 

 Emma Pirollo

At first I wasn't comfortable with the idea of private art lessons, mostly based on my own feel
ings of inadequacy.  To become an Artist is an ongoing, never ending journey.   However, the benefits of teaching or passing on knowledge and experience to an interested student is beneficial in so many ways:  it forces the teacher to analyze why a certain approach is taken, it rekindles the fire of creativity, it is the joy of re-discovering what different mediums can offer, it is focusing on the natural beauty of things that are easily overlooked in every day life as well as growing along with the student who can inspire the teacher in many ways.  And it forces the adage to 'practice what you preach.' To share the frustration of growing pains while developing the 'process and seeing the  sheer happiness that a student exhibits while helping them execute a successful piece is the greatest reward!"
Lorenzo Branca